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Opt7 HID in 2015 Subaru Outback

Nov 28 (7 months ago)
Gordon Smith wrote
I installed the opt7 hid kit on my 2015 Subaru Outback in August 2018 and have had continuous problems with the lights not turning on when the car is started. The light switch is set to auto so the lights are supposed to turn on automatically at night. I have replaced all the HID components but still have the problem with the lights not turning on at start up. When it is noticed that one of the lights does not turn on, it usually will turn on when the light switch is turned to off and then turned back to auto. Do you have any thoughts as to what is causing this problem?
1 Answer
Nov 29 (7 months ago)
Van A agent wrote
Hello Amazon,<br /> <br /> We're so sorry to hear about that. To help us provide better support, kindly provide answers to the following questions, thanks! <br /> <br /> 1. Please reply with the year, make and model/Sub-model if applicable of your vehicle <br /> 2. Is Vehicle equipped with DRL (Daytime Running Lights)? if so, have they been converted to HID/LED? <br /> 3. Are your headlights set to manual or Auto-On? <br /> 4. Do you have an alarm or entry system that flashes the headlights? <br /> 5. Do you have a relay and/or capacitors installed?<br /> <br /> Let us know the result so we could proceed accordingly!<br /> <br /> Best regards, <br /> Van<br /> OPT7 Customer Experience Team<br /> <br /> *IMPORTANT: Contacting support does not freeze or extend the 60 day return for refund policy OPT7 offers on all orders. If at any time you wish to return a eligible order, please let us know, thank you!