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How to Install Resistors with the Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit

Hello Fellow OPT7-ite,

Instruction on how the install the resistors on the Fluxbeam Kit:


- For H13 resistors it connects directly to the driver then the resistors connects to the vehicle connection
- For the single beam resistors, it connects to the plug and play wire and then onto the vehicle connection
- Such as the H7, 9006, H11, H13, 9007 fluxbeam Kit
Bulb size specific resistors

- For SINGLE BEAM bulb sizes that do not have bulb specific resistors available
- The 9006 resistors can be used to install in between the driver and the plug and play wire
- Can be used for H1, 5202, 9005, and H3 fluxbeam kits
Resistors on a
single beam


Until Next Time,
The OPT7 Customer Experience Team