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Sales Guide: OPT7 HID Kits

In the world of OPT7 HID kits, there are three line offerings: DC Analog, AC Digital and AC Digital CANbus Certified...which is right for you?

"Blitz" or "Bullet-R" DC Analog Ballasts (25w-55w)

A more traditional inverter that use direct current technology; while being less efficient and emitting a color that tends to shift towards blue, it is very inexpensive to produce and thus a majority of the less expensive ballasts on the market tend to include DC analog technologies.  Due to the inefficiencies and overall age of the technology, the product life is much shorter and the internal components tend to be less accepted by 07+ vehicle CPU. Overall they are a cost effective choice and the results are similar to more expensive kits in terms of the overall experience. 

  • Entry Level
  • Economic Lighting Solution
  • Offers 3,000-3,500 lumens per bulb (Stock halogen offer 1,500-1,800 lumens per bulb)
  • Average Product Life
  • 2 Year Part and Exchange Warranty

"Bolt" AC Digital Ballasts (35w-55w)

A more recent iteration of the inverter that uses alternating current technology; which means it is more efficient, runs cooler and has a longer life in general. Additionally the updated components allow for a more seamless integration into more modern vehicles that have a CPU that runs checks on the headlights. They tend to emit a more true color output and they do it faster due to the increases in efficiency. Bolt AC HID Conversion Kits are the choice for the discriminating consumer who often opt for the better versions of any product they purchase. 

  • Mid-grade
  • Truer Color Output
  • More Efficient
  • Lower Operating Temperature 
  • Longer Life
  • Newer Technology
  • 3,600-4,000 lumens per bulb (Stock halogen offer 1,500-1,800 lumens per bulb)
  • 2 Year Part and Exchange Warranty

"Boltzen" AC Digital CANbus Certified (35w)

A very specific ballast that have an integrated in-line capacitor set that are finely tuned for vehicle's that are equipped with CANbus CPU. Many newer vehicles have a Canbus CPU, some examples include: 07+Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Mini, and other European makes. A full list can be downloaded here

  • ​Top of the line build and components
  • Specialized internal capacitor for vehicles equipped with a CANbus CPU
  • Maximum Brightness 4,200 lumens per bulb (Stock halogen offer 1,500-1,800 lumens per bulb)
  • Truest Color Output
  • All Steel Construction
  • 2 Year Part and Exchange Warranty