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FluxBeam Original V1 LED Driver Dimensions

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Fluxbeam Original V2 Product Dimensions

------------------------- Dual Beam (H4, H13, 9004, 9007) Dual beam kits will convert low beams and high beams to LED light. ------------------------- Single Beams (H1, H3, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H16, 9005, 9006, 9012, 5202,880,881) Single beams kits will convert low beams, high beams or fog lights to LED light.

Are the OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit's bulb bases removable?

------------------------- Welcome Fellow OPT7-ite, Thank you for shopping with OPT7! All OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit bulb bases are removable; however, it is not necessary to remove the bulb base to complete installation for all bulb types. Here is a list of bulb types where the removing the bulb base may be necessary: 9003, 9004, 9007, 9008, H4, H7, H1, H3 & H13 Installation: 1- Remove the bulb base by firmly but lightly pressing downward on the bulb base and twist counter-...

Fluxbeam V1 LED Color Output (Images)

------------------------- ------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ite, One of the most common questions we receive in regards to the Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit is "What is the actual color emitted and how does it look to the naked eye? The color can vary dependent on the observer, the surface the light is being projected on and the type of headlight assembly the Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit is being installed in...ultimately the simplest description in regards to color is that the F...

Fluxbeam: Dust Cap Removal?

------------------------- ------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ites, While there is not a definitive statement that covers all vehicles and installs, the general consensus is that the dust cover can be left off or re-installed but properly ventilated by creating holes large enough to allow sufficient airflow to the OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit fan assembly, see manual. Airflow is key, as the LED and LED chip set require the ventilation to dissipate heat and ensure proper produc...

Fluxbeam Output vs HID? (Comparison)

------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ites, The simple answer is it depends, OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kits offer about 3,500 lumens per LED bulb for a total of 7,000 lumens of output. Compared to halogen, the OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit is at least 2 x as bright. This of course depends on how many watts your halogen bulb is rated to, as higher end luxury vehicles tend to have higher output halogen systems compared to economy/compact vehicles. The general 25w-35w DC Analog HID Co...

Fluxbeam: Reflector vs Projector Style

------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ites, The simple answer based on customer feedback indicates that the OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit line-up performs equally well in either a reflector or projector style headlight assemblies. However as a technology projectors tend to have a tighter & more focused output pattern among other benefits which you can read about below: - Accurate Light Dispersal - Many argue that the elliptical reflectors in the projector headlight housing design...

What Does CAN-bus Mean?

------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ites, Definition of: CAN bus CAN bus (Controller Area Network bus) A rugged, digital serial bus designed for industrial environments. Introduced by Bosch in the mid-1980s for in-vehicle communications, it is used in myriad applications including factory automation, building automation, aircraft and aerospace as well as in cars, trucks and buses. CAN bus replaced bulky wiring harnesses with a two-wire differential cable (the two wires carry inverted ...

Is my Vehicle Canbus Equipped?

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Low Beam Cut-Off & Beam Pattern (Fluxbeam)

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