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HID Kit DOA? Polarity & Reversed Polarity Explained

Hello Fellow OPT7-ites,

Problem: Upon a complete install my OPT7 HID Conversion Kit does not light up?

(Why it matters in relation to Single Beam Bulb Types: H1,H3,H7,H8,H9,H10,H11,9005,9006,9140,9145,880,881,893,896,899,898)

Single beam bulb types can emit low, high or fog lights but only ever one. Which one depends on the vehicle's manufacturer. With a single beam bulb there are only two settings; "On" and "Off" and as a result the power harness has two terminals; the live or power terminal (+) and the negative or ground terminal (-). 

Commonly the live wire is red and the ground is black but not always. What does occur on about 5% of vehicles is the polarity of the vehicle's stock harness does not match the OPT7 HID conversion kit's power harness polarity configuration. As a result there can be no continuity and thus no power draw; this is commonly mistaken for a new kit presenting DOA (Dead On Arrival)

Step by Step:

Step 1. Check the Fuse: If the fuse is not intact replace it with a 15 amp fuse.
If it intact, proceed to step 2

Step 2. Ensure the LED bulb to LED Driver (Red Box) connection is properly connected using the arrow symbol on both connections. 

Step 3. Reverse the Polarity: Disconnect the ballast "C" to vehicle adapter connection "D" (Plug & Play Adapter) or the ballast to relay connection (If a relay is being installed), flip the connection 180 degrees,

re-connect and re-test.

Until Next Time,
The OPT7 Customer Experience Team