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HID Conversion Kits FAQ



 What are the different colors for HID kits?

3000k - Golden Yellow produces an eye-catching deep yellow

5000k - Factory White is the classic choice comparable to OEM

6000k - Intense White is the brightest white bulb with a hint of blue

8000k - Icy Blue combines styling and performance

10000k - Deep Blue has a rich blue output

What is the difference between a Hi/Lo kit and a Bi-Xenon kit?

A Hi/Lo kit converts the low beam to HID while high beam stays as halogen. A Bi-Xenon kit converts both low beam and high beam to HID with one single bulb that shifts upward when is switched to high beam. This upward shift in the Bi-Xenon bulb creates a further light projection to increase visibility. For most vehicles the Hi/Lo HID kits are highly recommended since most car owners use only the low beams for everyday driving.


What does each HID kit consist of?

Each kit comes with 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, and all the necessary wiring accessories for a complete plug-and-play installation. We also have only bulbs and ballasts available for sale if needed should your warranty has expired, contact our support team for help here


If my vehicle has factory HIDs, can I use OPT7's Conversion HID kit?

Since you have factory HID, our aftermarket HID kit doesn't directly plug into your vehicle's power harness. If you're only replacing the bulb, you can simply swap the bulb, but if you are changing the ballast you will need to cut and splice the wire in order to hook up our ballast to your vehicle. Our D2R/D2S HID kit includes two bulbs and two ballasts (built-in igniter) along with all the wiring you need for installation. We do not recommend replacing just the bulb or the ballast because mixing and matching parts between factory and aftermarket may result in improper functionality of the HID kit.


What issues are common with Dodge vehicles?

We must inform you that Dodge vehicles commonly do not support aftermarket HID headlights. This is the reason for the flickering/strobing of the lights after installation due to the unstable HID output (fluctuating power sent to headlights). Dodges are equipped with computer controlled headlights that cause the dashboard computer to emit a “lights out” error message after installation.

We have not yet found a solution for the incompatibility issues between the Dodge Ram and the Bi-Xenon HID kit; however, this is how we've helped our customers enjoy HID lights on their Dodge vehicles:

All our HID kits feature plug-and-play technology which makes installation extremely easy and troubleshooting even easier. We've often seen that by adding a relay and pair of capacitors (learn more here), common Dodge HID issues are resolved; therefore, we highly recommend going with the Hi/Lo HID kit and purchasing a pair of capacitors and relay harnesses. Our Bolt Series will eliminate any issue your Dodge's computer system may have with aftermarket HIDs.


Headlight fuse keeps blowing out, what could be the issue?

If you keep blowing a headlight fuse, give these simple steps a try.

  1. Unplug the light, pull the switch, and see if the fuse blows. If not, the problem is not in the wiring.
  2. Make sure you have purchased the correct wattage of bulb.
  3. Ensure that you do not have a faulty or damaged bulb.
  4. Check and see if your high beam bulb is the issue. If so, replace it.
  5. Check all wired connections and look for any exposed wiring.


Headlight bulb keeps burning out...

Should you find yourself replacing your headlight bulbs way too often, there more than likely is an underlying issue. Before you take your car into the mechanic consider the following options:

  • Don’t handle the bulb with your bare fingers. Oils can cause bulbs to burn out quickly. Handle all headlight bulbs with surgical gloves and replace any existing bulbs that may have been handled incorrectly.
  • The problem could be in your installation process. Look up online videos and guides on how to properly replace your specific vehicle’s headlight.
  • Make sure the bulb is held securely in place, with no wiggle room or unnecessary motion. Bulbs that are prone to excess motion are known to break and burn out much faster.
  • Check your bulb sockets for signs of corrosion. They may need replaced completely. 


Headlight flickering on and off 

Should you find yourself with a headlight that is flickering on and off, the most common issue is a poor connection somewhere along the line.

First, try the simple fix by checking your battery clamp connections. They can gradually become loose from your engine’s constant vibration. Try wiggling every wire in the headlight circuit (don’t electrocute yourself) to see if you can pinpoint a specific culprit. Try and establish a more sturdy connection when a wire is singled out. In a worst-case scenario the entire headlight wiring assembly may need replaced by a professional. Also, as with other troubleshooting issues, if you are using a bulb with too high of a wattage, this can make your headlights flicker as well.


Headlight's low beam are malfunctioning 

Unless blinding everyone else on the road with your hi-beams simply because one or both of your low beam lights are malfunctioning is your thing, then it’s time to get to work, and troubleshoot your low beam lights.

  • If it is just a single faulty bulb, try replacing it temporarily with the bulb from the opposite headlamp. If it works, the bulb simply needs replaced.
  • The most common reason for faulty low-beam lights is a blown fuse. Check your car’s owner’s manual for information on how to access the fuses and where they are located. Check for melted wires leading to any of the fuses, and replace said fuses if necessary.
  • Use a voltmeter to make sure that power is actually running to your headlight. If not, then the problem is in your wiring. At this point, a mechanic should be consulted


Both HID bulbs keep flickering and making clicking noise

  1. Check to see if the HID bulbs have been connected to the ballasts correctly and tightly.
  2. Check to see if the battery of the car is too old or almost empty as this can cause power distribution issues.
  3. If your vehicles low beam has the daytime running lights feature please make sure to disable the feature before installing the HID kit.  


HID bulb modules won't fit 

  1.  Double check to see if you purchased the appropriate bulb type for your vehicle. You can refer to our bulb guide link on our main page, or check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the bulb size.
  2. Some vehicles require an adapter to hold the bulb in place that can be custom ordered from us (ex. BMW E46, E39, VW Golf). Please contact us for information.


HID bulb modules won't fit