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How do I know if I have an AC Ballast vs DC Ballast?

OPT7 offers HID Conversion kits in two types: AC and DC

Both types of ballasts take the DC power from vehicles and power the HID bulbs for light. The difference in these ballasts is in the type of electricity being outputted to the HID bulb. 

AC ballasts output AC power, while DC ballasts output DC power. DC, or direct current, is just that: electrical current that runs in one direction from a power source (ballasts in our case). The current stays constant and does not vary. The problem with DC is the current is distributed unevenly on the electrical components as the current is only going in a single direction. The initial portion of the electrode that comes in contact with the electrical current wears faster than the later portion of the electrode as the electrical current completes its circuit.

With AC ballasts, you can expect longer life in both bulbs and ballasts. Aside from that, AC ballast systems are brighter than DC ballast systems.  

How do I know if I have an internal or external igniter?

OPT7 External Igniters HID Kits includes all AC Ballasts:

- (3BC1) Cyclone 35w AC HID kit 

- (3BB3) Bolt AC 35w HID kit 

- (5BB3) Bolt AC 55w HID kit 

- (5BU2) Boltzen AC 35w HID kit


OPT7 Internal Igniter HID kits includes all DC Ballasts: 

- (3XM8) Blitz DC 35w HD kit 

- (3XM7) Blitz S2 DC Series: 35w HID kit 

- (3XL3) Bullet - R 35w DC HID kit 

- (3XT8) Blitz DC Series: 35w Slim HID kit 

- (5XJ2) Blitz DC 55w Xenon HID kit