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Aura Golf Cart Step - by - Step Installation


This golf cart lighting kit was designed to be powered by a 12-volt system. If you are running a 26- or 48-volt system, a step-down transformer is required, here's an example: This item is not provided by OPT7. 

1.)  Mount your first LED strips to the desire location, using the adhesive on the back end of the strip and the included zip ties. 

2.) Most important step is to ensure the strips are installed on a secure mounting location that allows the light strips to not be in an area where the strips are tugged or dragged upon operating the vehicle. 

3.) Repeat the steps of #1 for installation the rest of the strips 

4.) Install the control Box placement: 
IMPORTANT* The Control Box and junction of cables that are used to power the under body light strips must be installed in a dry location! Having these parts exposed to water or the elements will cause the water or the elements will cause the kit’s controller to fail. Any water damage or corrosion to this part will void all warranties. 

5.)  Route and secure wires to the engine bay. 

6.) Take each LED strips wire connectors and connect them to the control box. Ensure they are securely inserted and the clips on the connector are clipped together.

7.)  Mount the control box to the engine bay to an area that is driest area of location as much as possible.

8.)  12v power system: connect the red to power, and black connects to ground.

9.) Next, click on your power source either on your remote or the power adapter switch or on the Aura Pro app to turn on your light kit to test the kit for full functionality. 

10.) You are done! 

If you have any installation tips or tricks feedback, let us know! We’d be happy to share and let others know of your experience! 


Thank You,
The OPT7 Customer Experience Team