Universal Spade Connection

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All OPT7 H7 HID Conversion Kits include a universal spade connection type Plug & Play Wire. The Plug & Play wire runs from the ballast to the vehicle connection. Since the H7 bulb type power harness varies greatly, across vehicles that use the H7 bulb type for the headlights our product development team elected to include a universal solution. The final design was a pair of spade connections (see attached or below), this would allow the spaded ends to insert into a majority of the H7 power harnesses on the market.

The spade blades are 1" in length and 1/4" wide, if the power harness on your vehicle will accommodate a spade connection with those measurements or smaller then you will be able to complete installation of any OPT7 HID Conversion Kit that includes the H7 bulb type

H7 Bulb and Spade

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The OPT7 Customer Experience Team