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The Fluxbeam X LED Conversion Kit is Not as Bright as my Previous Lighting Solution?


Welcome Fellow OPT7-ite,

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Unfortunately, brightness is a tough concept to convey in a listing on a computer or mobile phone screen. Often times, one's screen may affect the way one perceives the relative brightness of the Fluxbeam X LED Conversion Kit. We do offer lumen counts but these are optimal lab environment readings. Additionally, one cannot accurately compare lumen count without some kind of reference.

The most common presumption we run into is that it's a "LED" lighting solution that costs $100+ advertised as being incredibly bright, so it must be brighter than my previous lighting solution. While this is the case most of the time we are not able to make that guarantee, simply because we are not aware of the brightness of your previous lighting solution.

Here are some generalities to help you gauge the relative brightness:

1- The Fluxbeam X Kit is a conversion kit; conversion from halogen to LED. All claims are based on this statement
(If your vehicle has stock HID or LED lighting, the Fluxbeam X Conversion Kit is not compatible)
2- The Fluxbeam X Kit is brighter than most; if not all, 35W stock halogen lighting
3- The Fluxbeam X Kit is possibly brighter the many 55W HID kits

If the brightness of your Fluxbeam X Conversion Kit does not meet your expectations, please contact us. All OPT7 orders come with a 60 day return for refund policy.

Thank You,
The OPT7 Customer Experience Team

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