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Tips on installing HID bulbs into your headlight socket

Hello Fellow OPT7-ites,

*Unplug and remove your old halogen bulbs, on both sides of the vehicle. Keep them as spares.

Twist-in-Style Bulbs: 9008, 9006, 9005, 880/890, H13, H11, H10 H9, H8; twist into the housing to lock.

Spring Clip Style Bulbs: H1, H3, H7; use a wire spring to retain the bulb in place.

Retaining Clip:  9004, 9007; all use a separate retaining piece to hold the bulb into the housing.

Additional notes: 

9006/9005 Note: That some bulbs, such as 9006 and 9005's, may have a thicker o-ring gasket. Simply reuse the o-ring from the original halogen bulbs.

H11 Note: The o-ring on the H11 bulbs must be pulled all the way to the bottom. The flat part of the o-ring will sit flush with the bottom base of the bulb. 

H13/9008 Note: We've seen numerous cases of the halogen bulb's o-ring being stuck to the headlight housing when first removing the bulb. Simply pull it off the headlight before inserting the HID bulb.

H7 Note: Some vehicles use an adapter base for H7 bulbs. We do not carry, sell or have the H7 adapter available. We recommend purchasing a third-party seller fro the H7 adapter which can be found on eBay or Amazon. 



  • If you are over cautious about water or corrosion, apply dielectric grease on all connections. This will go a long ways towards preventing corrosion related problems.
    • Dielectric grease can be found at any auto parts store. Same stuff they sell you when you're trying to buy spark plugs.


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