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Aura Interior LED Strip 3rd Wire or Door Assist Feature

The 3rd wire can be tricky....as the installer told me you have two ways to access the 3rd wire function. First, you need to find a live wire that activates when the door(s) open. That could be the dome, door courtesy lights etc...then you need to access the wire, to splice the live 3rd wire in, this is the difficult part. It would require you to remove the barriers/obstacles ie celiling lining or door pillars to access the dome wire at the light or remove the door panel to access the courtesy light live wire.

Both of these tasks are not easy things, even in simply built cars like a Honda Accord like mine. I would say do not attempt this unless you know exactly what you are doing, hire a professional shop to do it. The other way is to find the live wire to the dome or courtesy lights at the fuse box in the cabin under the dash and splice in there, I'm assuming this is what you were trying to do. The issue here, is generally that wire is going to be bundled and secured together with many many other wires, presumably all the wires running to that fuse box. This is where the professional installer has a leg up on the lay man, he generally either through experience or a wiring diagram will know exactly which one needs to be spliced into.

I would recommend installing the control box under the dash, then doing a complete install leaving only the 3rd wire incomplete, then take it to the shop and simply have them connect the 3rd wire, should take no more than 30 mins depending on the accessibility of the wiring. Everything from there should be pretty simple for them to complete.

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