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Fluxbeam: Reflector vs Projector Style

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Hello Fellow OPT7-ites,

The simple answer based on customer feedback indicates that the OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit line-up performs equally well in either a reflector or projector style headlight assemblies. However as a technology projectors tend to have a tighter & more focused output pattern among other benefits which you can read about below:

  1. Accurate Light Dispersal - Many argue that the elliptical reflectors in the projector headlight housing design are a powerful way to get a focused beam and cut down on "scatter loss" on the road.
  2. Style Accommodation - Those who are advocates of the projector headlight point out that using this kind of headlight can enhance the look of the vehicle's front end and give it more class. Parts of the motorcycle driving community especially like the projector headlight for use on bikes.
  3. Lens Based Car Lighting - As the traditional parabolic reflector style of headlight began to give ground to newer lighting technologies, projector headlight design became part of the set of headlamp options that make use of lens positioning to provide great setups for night driving.
  4. OEM or Aftermarket Projector Lights - The popularity of projector headlights in the American marketplace means many providers will be offering both factory-direct and aftermarket choices for these kinds of lamps. Look at distributor catalogs to see what kind of positioning projector headlight products get within a full range of headlight offers.

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    The OPT7 Customer Experience Team