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Redline Triple Tailgate Red/Amber

Installation on 2022 Ford F350

------------------------- The brake lights are separate from the turn signals. If you put 4 didoes in the line it fixes the problem. It allows power through one direction, but it won’t allow it to flow back. You can find the band diodes on eBay or Amazon.

Installation on 2020 Ford F250 (HARD WIRING)

------------------------- On the 2020 Ford's, it is recommend to hard wire the light bar directly into the tail lights. You should not tap into the 7 pin trailer wire harness as these trucks will defect an increase in voltage use and will defect a trailer connection/ trailer disconnection. below are the correct wiring configuration for 2020 Ford F150, F250. Power - Tap into your 7 pin trailer wiring harness power wire (Orange) Ground - Tap into your 7 pin trailer wiring harness ground w...

What function does each color pin serve on the Redline Triple Tailgate Bar?

1. Blue - White (Ground) 2. Green - Brown (Parking / Running Lights) 3. Red - Yellow (Left Turn signal and Brake) 4. Black - Green (Right Turn signal and Brake)

What makes the OPT7 Redline Triple Tailgate better than the original?

------------------------- ------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ites, Introducing the OPT7 Redline Triple Tailgate! Triple offers two sizes for standard and over-sized trucks, 48" and 60 " Now with more LED than ever! With 788 and 1,200 individual high powered Alpha LED on our 48" and 60" sizes respectively, the OPT7 Redline Triple Tailgate offers unparalleled brightness and functionality Vibrant Amber Colored Turn Signals, increases visibility and style Mustang Style Tu...