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Chevrolet Corvette: Headlight Pods No Longer Close After HID Conversion

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Hello Fellow OPT7-ites,

Report: Any model year Chevrolet Corvette with Automatic Pop Up/Down Headlights no longer close after converting the headlights to HID/LED

Explanation: In essence the Corvette has a fail safe measure that keeps the headlights up if the electrical resistance is not within acceptable ranges. This ensures the motorist checks the headlights and notes the failure. The issue here is that converting the headlights to HID or LED using a conversion results in a marked decrease in detected electrical resistance due to the relative efficiency of either technology. The result is the headlight remaining in the up position a false positive headlight.

Solution: Thankfully, adding either a resistors set or capacitor set to the conversion kit should allow the resistance levels to fall within acceptable ranges and allow the headlights to close once again.

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