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Behind the Lens Series

Garage Series: Ep. #1- Bagged and Widebody Corolla E190

------------------------- Welcome, Folks, to the first of many OPT7 Garage Series. We’re here to explore the passion, the builds, and the stories of our community, and hope to ignite inspiration for all the folks watching. This is our first installment with Adrien, who shares his trials and tribulations with a corolla that the traditional aftermarket has ignored and how he finds inspiration regardless. OPT7 AURA Underglow LED lighting becomes a kickoff to his build. Enjoy!

Top 5 LED Headlight Bulbs MYTHS. DEBUNKED. Watch Before you Buy.


Myth 1 of 5: LED headlights always Brighter than Halogen. Truth?

------------------------- Today we dive deep into our first LED Headlight Myth. Is it true that in nearly every scenario LED Headlight Bulbs are going to be brighter than their halogen counterpart? We'll look into the perception vs. reality to help you figure out exactly what's going to be best for your setup, and what to look out for from various LED headlight manufacturers. Including how headlamp design, bulb size, and how you measure brightness all play a role in properly debunking this L...

Myth 2 of 5: Deep Dive - Your LED Headlight Kit May NOT last. Here's Why!

------------------------- OPT7 Behind The Lens Series: Episode #3 - Myth 2 of 5 - Your LED Headlight Kit May NOT last Nothing lasts forever and LED lighting is no exception. Despite the common adage “Nothing Lasts Forever” being accepted as true why do so many people think LED Headlight Conversion Kits should Last...essentially, forever? In the 3rd installment of the OPT7 Vlog Series “Behind the Lens” OPT7’s Steven O. explains and explores how the myth came to be and what makes it... absolutely...

Myth 3 of 5: LED Headlights Lumens Are Everything. NOT.

------------------------- With the sudden rush of inexpensive sellers in the LED Headlights market, the one thing that has been sold over and over to potential buyers is that the one element you look at is LUMENS to value the performance and the amount of money you should spend on your car/truck/motorcycle LED Headlight. We're here to tell you that's definitely NOT the case. Watch the full video (narrated by our LEAD customer service Steven O. and his team of engineers) to find out exactly what...

Myth 4 of 5: Are Expensive vs. Cheap LED Headlights the Same?? LED Headlight

------------------------- In this final myth series we discuss what are the technology, material, and design differences that set cheap and high quality LED headlights apart despite appearing very similar. Share your thoughts below.