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Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit Compatible Resistors (Select Bulb Types)


(2012 +) Ford Focus + Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit Functionality Issue (Customer Fix)

------------------------- ------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ites, *The following fix has not been independently verified by OPT7 technicians. The following fix should be performed by a professional. OPT7 is not liable for any damage, injury or issues that may arise from performing the fix detailed in this article. * * * 2012+ Ford Focus Presumed Affected Vehicle Set: Reported Issue: “…The next thing that I did was I reinstalled headlights on car an...

Both Sides Flicker

------------------------- ------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ites, Thank you for shopping with OPT7! It looks like you have completed installation of your Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit but alas the always feared flickering has presented on both sides. No worries, OPT7 has you covered, simply add the Flux capacitors located underneath the foam insert of the box to both sides between the LED Driver and the vehicle connection (9006 only) or the polarity wire adapter to vehicle con...

After a Complete Install the Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit Works Perfectly but the High Beam Indicator Light is On?

_While commonly occurring on Toyota brand vehicles, the high beam indicator light activating upon the complete install of a Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit has been reported._ ------------------------- Thankfully there is a simple solution, add a pair of "Plug & Play" resistors. If you are experiencing the aforementioned issue, please contact us to receive your free pair of resistors here: (

The Connection Leading Off the Redline LED Driver/Ballast is Not Compatible with My Vehicle's Power Harness Connection

------------------------- For all single beam Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kits the connection leading off the LED driver is the same 9006 standard male connection. Unless the bulb type being converted to LED is a 9006 bulb type, then this connection will not fit your vehicle. The female 9006 to the bulb type you need/purchased can be located in the 2nd smaller accessories box within the main box. Remove the Bulb Type Adapter/Polarity adapter and connect it to the 9006 standard connection and voila!...

Upon a Complete Install Both Sides Flicker

------------------------- If capacitors are required, then it should be installed between the Redline LED Driver and the Polarity/Plug & Play Adapter

Upon a Complete Install Neither Side Works (Single Beam Only-H11, H8, H9, 9005, 9006, H7, 880, 881, 5202)

------------------------- Without capacitors installed, the polarity should be flipped at the Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit to vehicle power harness connection ------------------------- With capacitors installed; the polarity could be adjusted at two points. The Redline LED driver to capacitor connection and/or the capacitor to vehicle's power harness connection

Fluxbeam One Side Failed

------------------------- Welcome Fellow OPT7-ite, Thank you for supporting OPT7! First off, let us apologize for the untimely failure of one side of your OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit. We cannot guarantee each and every kit will work perfectly forever; however, we do offer a free 2-year warranty that provides a part and exchange service. The part service offers an immediate shipment of up to 1 side of your kit without receiving anything back. All you need to do is fill out the war...

How to Install Resistors with the Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit

------------------------- ------------------------- Hello Fellow OPT7-ite, Instruction on how the install the resistors on the Fluxbeam Kit: BULB SPECIFIC RESISTORS: - For H13 resistors it connects directly to the driver then the resistors connects to the vehicle connection - For the single beam resistors, it connects to the plug and play wire and then onto the vehicle connection - Such as the H7, 9006, H11, H13, 9007 fluxbeam Kit NOT BULB SPECIFIC RESISTORS: - For SINGLE BE...