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Low Beam does not work

Jan 21, 2018
Derrick B wrote
I purchased the H1 Fluxbeam LED lighting set and the box was new in condition. <br /> I have a 2001 Toyota Tundra that has a H4 female harness from the body of the car. Additionally, I retrofitted H1 Mini Morimoto Bi-xenon projector style headlamps into the housing of the headlamp assembly.<br /> <br /> My H1 headlight from OPT7 mounts into the Morimoto projector flawlessly. I was able to connect the lighting harness from the vehicle to the OPT7 bulb but the Low beam function does not light at all. it does work with the Hi Beam function however. is there a connection missing? no splices were made in the fitting if the harnesses. <br /> <br /> I couldn't take any pictures so here is a word map for visualization<br /> <br /> Morimoto H1 projector&lt; OPT7 H1 bulb&lt; OPT7 H1 LED Driver &lt;OPT 7 Bulb specific power plug adapter&lt; H4 male head&lt; H4 female connector from vehicle.<br /> <br /> Do i need to use the flux capacitors? if so, what exactly does the flux capacitor do? thank you
1 Answer
Jan 22, 2018
Steven O agent wrote
Hello Derrick, <br /> <br /> I would not be able to provide technical advice in regards to the Morimoto Projector but I can offer you some insight into the H1 OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit. <br /> <br /> H1 is a single beam bulb type, which means it can only emit a single beam. Our dual beam kits come with 4 staggered LED diodes, one pair for low beams and one for high beams. Since the H1 kit only has a singe pair, then the projectors must have a moving reflector system or some type which allows the beam pattern to be changed from low to high and high to low. <br /> <br /> I would be interested in viewing this connection <br /> <br /> &quot;OPT 7 Bulb specific power plug adapter&lt; H4 male head&lt; H4 female connector from vehicle.&quot;<br /> <br /> Since the H1 bulb is a single beam bulb type it only has two settings, on and off; so it has two terminals a live and a ground. <br /> <br /> The H4 is a dual beam bulb type, so it has 3 settings; low on, high on and off and so it has 3 terminals. <br /> <br /> As you can see there is a miss match in the # of terminals, so there would be no way to connect them directly. There would have to be some kind of adapter provided to you by Morimoto to allow the H1 connection to connect to the H4 connection. <br /> <br /> I see you have submitted a ticket, so I will follow up there. I do hope this information helps you to resolve the issue, thank you!<br /> <br /> Best Regards,<br /> OPT7 Customer Experience Team<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />