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How do I Connect the White Wire?


Welcome Fellow OPT7-ite,

The white wire can be used in two ways: (the parts included for this installation is the long white wire with both ends soldered off, a short wire wire the a ring connector, and the 3 sizes of fuse taps)

First Way is to Connect the Lights Straight to the Battery:
Step 1 : Connect the long white wire with solder ends on the white wire found on the wire harness
Step 2: Connect the short white wire with the metal ring to the long white wire
Step 3:  Connect this together with the red wire which is the wire that goes on the battery.
(-Use this installment if you would like to have constant power going to your light bar )

Second Way is to Connect to Fuse Taps:
Step 1: same as step one above
Step 2: Choose a fuse tap that will fit and use that to connect to the long white wire
Step 3: Find a place to put the fuse tap in that does not have constant power.
(-use this if you do not want constant power going through the light bar. This installment is best used if you have frequency issues with the harness)

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