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(2012 +) Ford Focus + Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit Functionality Issue (Customer Fix)

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2012+ Ford Focus
Presumed Affected Vehicle Set:

Reported Issue:

“…The next thing that I did was I reinstalled headlights on car and started car up and the lights came on for about 5 seconds and then shut off and would not turn back on…”

Customer Recommended Fix:  

“…I had learned that with 2012+ ford focuses, you have to have bcm (body control module) reprogrammed to accept the leds for them to work. If it was not reprogrammed, it senses lower voltage than normal and thinks it has a light out and cuts power to that circuit. After a little bit of relief, I had ordered a cable I needed to reprogram bcm and downloaded software. Once I received cable and reprogrammed bcm, the lights came on and stayed on!”

"...I had to buy a elm327 USB-obd2 cable for computer and download a program called focccus. Yes it is 3 c's in it. Then connect to the car and with ignition on and change headlight type from halogen to alternative hid and also have to change the dimmed dipped headlights from dimmed dipped headlights to without dimmed dipped headlights. Then write file to bcm and then they will work properly. Here is a link to a YouTube video on how to use software. “…

“…Sorry I also forgot here is the link to the cable that I bought on amazon. OHP Ford ELMconfig USB device 500kbit/s ELM327 compatible interface with MS-CAN switch for Forscan FoCCCus Mazda OBD2 diagnostics”

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