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Ceramic-Nu Headlight Restoration Kit FAQ

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1.) "I've restored my headlights using the Headlight Restoration Kit and they look great. How long will this hold up?"

Answer: This is dependent-upon a number of different factors such as, climate, amount of UV (sun) exposure, salty ocean air, high mineral content in water, improper cleaning and care for your vehicle, and other factors. OPT7 Ceramic-Nu was developed and tested in California where vehicles are subject to the worst of these elements. In general, to keep their optimal protection, we recommend topping the coat finish every 18-20 months with the Ceramic Nu Coating. 


2.) "Is the yellowing on some headlights coming from inside?"

Answer: It’s possible. Depending on the car and how well the headlight is sealed. Some headlights do have a little bit of yellow coming from the inside. This is usually just a small portion of the damage you are seeing and using our system will still drastically improve the appearance and your night time visibility.


3.) "I've completed all 3 steps and I'm unable to remove the hazing yellow that is still present, what should I do?"

Answer: This will usually occur on vehicles that are more badly damage due to the exterior headlight. You may need to repeat the sanding process using a wet sanding method (use the drill bill attachment with 3000 sandpaper at low to moderate speed) to sand in a cross hatch pattern. Complete this additional process by using CPX-2 to polish the headlight using the foam pads.


4.) "I'm having trouble removing the larger and deeper scratches on the headlights, is this common?

Answer: This type of repair takes a little more work. For the most part, you may need to spend more time using the CPX-1 compound. Make a few extra passes over the deeper scratches on the problem area. Apply a bit more pressure to the surface using the drill and foam pad in a cross hatch pattern. At some point, you will see the area mostly clear up as our focus is have the area to "LIKE NEW" rather than "NEW". 


5.) "After I finish step 2 (the Cleaner/Polish) my lens was already very clear and shiny. Do I need to use step 3, the Ceramic-Nu?" 

Answer: Yes, the Ceramic-Nu not only increases the shine, but it protects and seals the lens. If you do not use the Ceramic-Nu, the lens will start to dull within a few days.


6.) "How many Headlights will 1 Restoration Headlight Kit clean?"

Answer: When properly used, the Headlight Restoration Kit allows you to clean both (2) headlights on 2 sedan/ coupe vehicles and 1 1/2 for trucks. 


7.) "Will this headlight restoration system work in cold weather?" 

Answer: Yes. However, when applying in temperature that are below 60° F you will need to turn on your headlights to warm up the surface before using the products in the kit. Using the Restoration Kit in a heated garage is another effective method. For best results, Restoration Kit should be used at temperature above 60° F. 


8.) "Are there any special restrictions or precautions regarding this restoration system?"

Answer:   Please wear eye protection and gloves when using the product. Keep out of reach from children and animals. Avoid extended contact with skin. Use caution when operating power tools and when working on vehicles, always be aware of your surroundings. For details regarding safety and precautions, please see the link below

** Ceramic-Nu Headlight Restoration Kit Warranty Advisory


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