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Fluxbeam: H7 Adapter Requirements

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The Fluxbeam H7 LED Conversion Kit

The H7 bulb type is unique in that most halogen bulb types use a base that inserts, twists and locks in place. However, the H7 bulb does not; instead it uses an adapter that fits over the bulb which then secures to the headlight assembly. Most of these adapters are specific to the vehicle and so there are a myriad of types of H7 adapters.

Due to the H7 LED bulb's need for a rear fan to cool the unit many of the H7 adapters on European vehicle makes like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Mini etc...are not compatible with our Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit.

However, if your vehicle utilizes a thin pliable wire adapter like the one depicted above our H7 Fluxbeam bulb in most cases will work with a little bending. If your vehicle does not have an adapter like the one depicted then we caution you against purchasing the Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit as there are not currently LED adapter kits available.

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