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FAQ - OPT7 Headlight Projectors

After Sale -

Brand New Headlights

Brand new headlights may have condensation built up inside them because they were shipped from a very dry climate to a not so dry climate. The not so dry climate causes the condensation to build up in the headlights. Even brand new cars on the lot have this problem. The good thing is, it usually clears up in a few days.

  • If it happens that the lights get moisture after you install them on your car, it would be normal for first time using. You just need to keep using for a period of days, the moisture will disappear. because there is inner air cycling in the lights as we design. If the moisture still exists, please feel free to send us message for help, we will try our best to help you.
  • Condensation happens when the outside of the lens is cooler than inside the lens. When you drive around with the lights on for a few hours, the bulbs warm the air inside the headlight lens. The same thing could happen when the headlights sit out in the sun all day.

So now the air inside the headlights is warm. Turn the lights off or pull your vehicle into the shade and suddenly the air inside is much warmer than the outside air. So that warm air hangs around for a while with the cool air just watching it from outside the headlight. The cool air wants inside. It wants inside so badly that it begins to sneak into the tiny vents that are found on most headlights at the top and bottom of the headlight. When that cool air meets head-on with the warm, condensation is formed. That happens on the warm side of the lens, so you’ve got a little layer of moisture on the inside of the headlight lens.

Turn the lights back on, crank up the temperature outside the headlights (or pull it back into the sun) and that moisture will eventually evaporate.

Another Reason

There is another reason your headlights could be filled with condensation. The bulb socket boots may not be seated properly. When the headlights are on and hot, that heat will pull moisture in through those tiny spaces where the boot isn’t sealed right. There’s your condensation. To fix this problem, just remove the bulb and the seat and then install it correctly. If the boots are old they could be just worn out and need to be replaced.


  • After you install, if you find that there are functions that does not work, please check if the harness is connected correctly, and exchange the left and right , If it still does not work, please remember take some photos or videos, please feel free to contact our support team by email at or filling out a form here.

    We will appreciate if you can takes some pictures or videos about your problem, and also send us an image of the package shipped for the products (every product we sell has a barcode on the backside of the light and outside of the package, it's very important for us to find the problem.) 


OPT7 Warranty terms and Conditions for Headlight Projectors is only 60 days from the original order date:


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