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FAQ - AURA RGB-W DRL LED Tube Headlights Projector -BT

"My DRL Tube Light is not working, is it because I don't have a DRL plug on my vehicle? 

- The plug for the DRL is not needed for the projector headlight because it is operated through the Aura App Pro. Therefore, the GREEN and BLACK wires can be tapped together as it is not needed to completed the set up. 

Troubleshooting: Please make sure to disconnect all the wires and reconnect the wires,  carefully check the 5 pins are lined up with the control box as well as the projector headlight connections and are not bent. Ensure the instillation to the battery is properly and securely attached. 

"My DRL Tube Light is still not lighting up, what's the next step?"

Make sure the ARROWS on the connections are lined up together, this is the essential part installing the control box with the RGB-W Control Box and Projector Headlight.


- 15-17 F150 Black AURA RGB-W DRL LED Tube Headlights

- 09-14 F150 Black AURA RGB-W DRL LED Tube Headlights

"What's the difference between the Aura PRO Control Box and the Aura RGB-W PRO Control Box?"