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Should I buy a LED Bar Relay? What Relay should I buy?

Our LED bars come bare wire for customization - installation is totally unique to you.
In the event that you would like the bar to be plug-n-play, we have an assortment of relays available to allow a seamless installation of the bar and the added benefit of an ON/OFF switch.

Our LED bar wiring selection can be viewed at the following links:

HD 380W:

HD-MAX 500W:

Our standard wiring harness can carry up to 380W of voltage. For reference, one 50" bar draws 240W.
The standard wiring harness comes in two options: single and dual connections.
If you were looking to wire one LED bar, you can do so by purchasing a HD 380W single connection harness.
If you were looking to wire a pair of pods or two LED bars, you can do so by purchasing a HD 380W dual connection harness. The total draw of the two units cannot exceed a total of 380W.

If you were looking to wire multiple bars or two bars exceeding 380 combined watts, you would need our HD-MAX.
The HD-MAX harness can carry up to 500W, and comes in three options: single, dual, and quad connectors.
Unique to the HD-MAX, the quad connection can connect up to four units (not exceeding total 500W) to one ON/OFF switch.