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1) What are the differences between the C1 series and the C2 series?

The C2 series has a projected life of 50,000 hours. The C1 series has a projected life of 30,000 hours. The C2 also offers brighter lumens output when comparing to a C1 bar of the same length.

Notable C2 Features:

* Power cord relocated to the side allows for more heat sink per square inch
* Increased heat sink fin length while adding ridges to each fin to maximize surface area for optimal cooling
* Improved cooling design puts less stress on LEDs to extend LED life and light intensity
* Longer mounting brackets adds ease and clearance to adjusting the light angle

2) How can I tell whether the bar I received is a C1 or a C2?

The quickest way to determine which bar you have is by looking at the fins on the back of the bar. The C2 will have ridges on each fin while the C1 will not.

3) I ordered a C2, but I think I received a C1. The sticker on the glass is red.

We use the same packaging and red sticker for both bars. This should not be an indication that you received a C1.

4) I did not purchase the LED Bar Harness and received my bar bare wire. How do I know which wire is which?

The red wire is the positive and the black wire is the ground. The same is true of bar harnesses.