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Frequently Asked Questions

Light Bar Harness Manual 4-Way Installation Instructions

------------------------- OPT7 HD LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Off Road Relay Switch (40 Amp / 380w) 1.) Install the toggle switch to the 3 female spade connectors on the light bar harness (white, blue and black). 2.) Connect the 2 ring terminals on the light bar harness to the vehicle batter (red/ positive, black/ negative). 3.) Connect the male 9006 plug on the light bar to the female 9006 connector on the light bar harness. Optional: If using a wireless remote, plug the contro...

LED Light Bar + On/Off Switch Relay Wiring Diagram

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Should I buy a LED Bar Relay? What Relay should I buy?

Our LED bars come bare wire for customization - installation is totally unique to you. In the event that you would like the bar to be plug-n-play, we have an assortment of relays available to allow a seamless installation of the bar and the added benefit of an ON/OFF switch. Our LED bar wiring selection can be viewed at the following links: HD 380W: HD-MAX 500W:

OPT7 LED Light Bar FAQ

1) What are the differences between the C1 series and the C2 series? The C2 series has a projected life of 50,000 hours. The C1 series has a projected life of 30,000 hours. The C2 also offers brighter lumens output when comparing to a C1 bar of the same length. Notable C2 Features: * Power cord relocated to the side allows for more heat sink per square inch * Increased heat sink fin length while adding ridges to each fin to maximize surface area for optimal cooling * Improved cooling design...