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Can More Than One Aura LED Kit Remote Operate Separate Aura Control Boxes?

Report:  Customer was having mismatched colors when installing multiple kits.

This is something that can be resolved by the installation order/manner. Since each control box is its own "brain", it will have its own cycle *timer* and *memory*. In order to have all the colors fade or cycle in unison, the user has to manually adjust the color coordination.

Basically, the user will need to adjust one control box at a time to make sure they all start on the same Speed/brightness/color.

1. They will have to select the special mode (Strobe, Fade, Cycle) that they are interested in syncing individually, and adjust the speed to its slowest.

2. Then wait for a color that they desire appear (such as *green*) and switch to a solid color so the *green* is locked in that particular mode.

3. Then disconnect the power from the control box so it will not respond to the remote while this syncing process is being carried out.

They will repeat this for as many control boxes as they are trying to sync, one by one. Once this step is done for all control boxes, they would then reconnect the power to  all control boxes. By now, pressing the desired color function should return the same color and flash/change at the same speed.

If they want the Strobe, Fade and Cycle function to match, they would need to repeat steps 1-2 for all functions on the same control box, then disconnect the power.  Basically its all about timing and the order of installation.
The user also has to be careful when adjusting the speed on these modes. If the speed is adjusted too rapidly by multiple button presses, the signal may not be received by all control boxes, in which will throw off the color sync again. ”

As for solid colors not matching across multiple kits, they need to simply select the desired color again and the kits will change to the appropriate matching color.