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How to tap into your cars fuse box safely and cleanly?

How to troubleshoot OPT7 Aura LED Kits ( STRIPS/ UNDERGLOW LED BARS)


OPT7 AURA Remote Control Box Door Assist Feature Explained


My remote won't work, it won't change colors, it just says on WHITE/ RED only, what is the issue?

------------------------- ANSWER: A report of the remote not working even at any angle and even after changing the battery remote, if the lights are pure white/red - this means that the AUX/ DOOR ASSIST wire is improperly installed. Having the small red/black wire on the control box to a positive trigger wire will over ride any remote trigger from changing the AURA strips/bars. We recommend disconnecting the AUX/ DOOR ASSIST on the control box. When this wire is removed, please try to p...

Are the LED light strips / LED light bars end connectors waterproof?

------------------------- AURA LED Light Strip or Light Bar are built are last. Constructed and filled with dense silicone. Our kits are designed to protect against road debris, moisture and anything life can throw at it. IMPORTANT: The LED connectors are not waterproof. You will need to use heat shrink tube or electrical tape around the LED connectors to ensure the longevity of the lighting kit. Please ensure when you receive the new unit, to ensure the LED connectors are covered prot...

Aura Change Sound Sensitivity Level - Hand Held Remote

* The Current Remote has been updated - see image below to newly design as of 2018- Present

What's the difference between Aura Original and Aura Pro?


What battery type does the Keychain Remote use?

What are the functions of the letters on the Key Chain Remote? A=On B=Off C=Color Change D=Feature Change

What Battery Type Does the Handheld Remote Use?

What does the Aura Key Chain Fob control?

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What is the difference between a constant and switched fuse?

Welcome Fellow OPT7-ite, Your vehicle uses electrical circuits, just like the ones in your home. These circuits supply power to the electrical components located throughout your car, like your headlights, your radio, and your door locks. In modern cars and trucks, there are generally two types of circuits that run through the vehicle: circuits that are live all the time and circuits that are only live when the engine is running. A circuit that is live or hot all the time means that it constant...

Aura LED Strip Kit: One LED Strip Does Not Work Properly or at All

------------------------- Welcome Fellow OPT7-ite, Product: Entire Aura LED strip Kit product line Report: One LED strip does not work properly or at all Troubleshoot: The LED strip not working properly could be attributed to a failed LED strip, extension cord and/or the connection leading off the control box 1- Identify and disconnect a working LED strip and extension cord combination 2- Disconnect the non-working LED strip and extension cord combination TEST THE CONTROL BO...

Are the Aura Moto, Auto, Wheel Well and Underbody LED Strips Interchangeable?

Basically the answer is Yes, Aura Line LED strips use the same proprietary connections and thus all can be connected and used on the different control boxes.

Can More Than One Aura LED Kit Remote Operate Separate Aura Control Boxes?

Report: _Customer was having mismatched colors when installing multiple kits._ This is something that can be resolved by the installation order/manner. Since each control box is its own "brain", it will have its own cycle *timer* and *memory*. In order to have all the colors fade or cycle in unison, the user has to manually adjust the color coordination. Basically, the user will need to adjust one control box at a time to make sure they all start on the same Speed/brightness/color. 1. They wi...