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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bench test the Redline if I don't have a 4-pin trailer connection?

------------------------- Since there is no 4-pin connection, and a hard wire installation will be required, to perform a bench test prior to installation, here is a solution. * Connect the light bar directly to the battery with the pigtail and mimic the signal in the interval between 0.3 secs to see if you are able to get the functions of the light bar to work. Here is a video on how to test them directly from the battery: Redline Triple Light Bar Coordination: - Top Row: Tur...

Vehicles with a BLIS or Blind Spot Sensor Systems

------------------------- Question: "I unplugged the light bar from the provided plug which is what I hardwired into the truck, and all factory functions return with no issues. The issues only persist when the bar is plugged into the harness, the harness being wired into the truck with nothing plugged into it does not cause this issue." Answer: When you use the tow plug, it will disable all of your safety features like - blind spot, back up camera, so to not have it disable, the hard wire ...

Customer Installed on 2019 (New Body Style) Chevy Silverado LT

* Review Source (

How to prepare a successful bond with the adhesive tape

------------------------- The preparation often gets skipped in order to speed up a job. This can lead to poor tape performance in some circumstances and as a result, unsatisfied customers. And nobody wants that. Ensuring the surface is clean & dry and applying the right amount of pressure does not take a long time or strenuous amounts of effort. Ensuring the temperature is right at the time of application can be a little tricky but we have some tips to help there too. Cleaning the surface I...

How to Remove 3M Adhesive Tape

------------------------- Welcome Fellow OPT7-ite, At OPT7 we always strive for better! LEARN HOW TO REMOVE 3M TAPE ( You may also use a hair-dryer using the HOT setting, point the hair dryer directly on the light bar where the 3M tape is applied on, so the 3M tape will become sticky and hot for removal. You'll need to slowly pull the backing while applying the hair-dryer and pulling the light bar safety towards you while i...

What function does each color serve on the Redline Triple LED Tailgate Bar for hard-wiring?

------------------------- Here is a detail description of the color for the REDLINE TRIPLE LED TAILGATE BAR: Hard-wire Harness: White: Ground Brown: Running light/parking light Yellow/Green: Left/ right signal when 12V pulse signal is sent. Brake signal when constant 12V is sent.