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Vehicles with a BLIS or Blind Spot Sensor Systems

Question: "I unplugged the light bar from the provided plug which is what I hardwired into the truck, and all factory functions return with no issues. The issues only persist when the bar is plugged into the harness, the harness being wired into the truck with nothing plugged into it does not cause this issue."

Answer: When you use the tow plug, it will disable all of your safety features like - blind spot, back up camera, so to not have it disable, the hard wire is the best option.

Here's an install guide for hard wiring:

Redline Schematics:
1. Blue - White  (Ground)
2. Green - Brown (Parking / Running Lights)
3. Red - Yellow  (Left Turn signal and Brake)
4. Black - Green  (Right Turn signal and Brake)


 * Vehicles with a BLIS or Blind Spot Sensor Systems (common on 2015+ Ford F Series Trucks) must use the hard-wire extension kit included with the kit. The kit will technically not be Plug & Play

**Vehicles that do not have a BLIS or Blind Spot Sensor System but do have a rear camera, rear parking sensor or a Trailer Assist System that provides heads up display status updates will require the addition of the OPT7 Optional Accessories Signal Module Here:


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