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Can I have my one of my AURA PRO control box control my other AUAR kits?

We get asked this a lot, and its very important to note the following:

So if I purchased these items:

1. AURA PRO LED Interior Ambient Lighting Kit
2. AURA Wheel Well LED Kit
3. AURA PRO Truck LED Aluminum Underglow Lighting Kit
4. AURA PRO LED Grille Lighting Kit

That seems like 3 too many control boxes and fuse kits i need to install, is there a distribution hub or do you guys have special instructions on how to wire all these.


Answer: For the Aura Pro series, as long as the kit is an Aura Pro, you can add up to 4 Aura Pro LED Kits to the Aura Pro app using one smartphone.

For an example, if you had the Aura Pro Grille, Aura Pro Quantum Rock Light, Aura Pro Interior, and Aura Pro Wheel Well, since they are all Aura Pro (has the black control box) it can be connected to the Aura Pro app and controlled on your IOS or Android device.

Each Kit will need it's on control box and fuse taps to work properly. It can not be daisy chained.

If you have an Aura Pro LED Kit and wanted to switch to a Aura Original (hand held remote), then you'll simply swap the control box and use the hand held remote.

We offer these parts here: . Be sure to select the drop down menu that you are replacing the kit for in terms of the hand held remote. You can also use a key chain remote as well if you'd like (all sold separately).

I've attached some files to help explain how the Aura Pro app works and more.

- How to use the Aura Pro app: