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Are the Aura Pro LED Kit and Aura Pro Quantum cross compatible?

The Aura Pro LED Kit and the Aura Pro Quantum RGB-W Kit both uses the same app - Aura Pro which can be both download on an Android and iOS devices. 

However, the connections for the two control box are different and not cross compatible as shown below. 

*The Aura Pro can still be controlled up to 4 Aura Pro's control boxes to 1 smartphone device. 

Exclusive Soundsync on all Aura Pro kits w/ Bass Matching Technology 

- Color Adjustable on Solid Mode

- Color Adjustable on Door Assist (lights up when you open the door on the vehicle)

- Pulse Mode 

- Strobe Mode

- Ability to control up to 4 devices at once

- App is downloadable for iOS and Android users 

- The AURA PRO App was built, designed, and developed by our team and we keep the APP updated with the newest features

** Quantum LED Rock Light Kit (Bluetooth) - Aura Pro: Does not have soundsyc*** 

Product Dimension of Aura Pro Control Box 

Door Assist/ AUX Wire: 16.5 feet  

Control Box: (L)-  3 inches, (W)- 1 inch, H- 1.5 inches  

End to End - Strip Connector to Power Plug: 16 feet 

Warranty Period

1 year from the original purchase date


last updated: 12/10/2019